Are you looking for ways to turn browsers into buyers? If so, consider the following five tips that will help you learn to turn your car browsers into car buyers.

Car Sales Training: Tip 1: Make a Connection with Your Customers

The first thing you have to do is find common ground with the person who is just looking. It isn’t hard to find things in common. If you have kids or like to travel, find out if the client does. In addition to giving you something in common you will also find out things that help you determine the best type of vehicle for the client. After all, someone who has kids may need a minivan instead of a single cab truck.

Automobile Sales Training: Second, Listen for Clues to What Your Customer Wants

Instead of asking questions about the customers down payment or trade in you need to stop and listen to what your customer wants in a new vehicle. Does the customer need a vehicle that gets more miles to the gallon or a car with more space? Take the time to figure out which features your customer needs before matching them with the best car payment. Most clients are not just looking for a new car. They are looking for someone who can listen and give them the car that matches their needs.

Car Sales Training Step 3: Match the Car to the Person

Take the information you have learned and use it to find the perfect car. If a customer thinks you are listening to their needs they will be more likely to listen to your suggestions. If you know your customer is looking for more room in the car you are sure to get a great response when you show the new model with extra large interior space.

Car Sales Training Step 4: Offer Evidence to Back up Your Reasoning

You can tell a customer that the vehicle is the safest new model, but they will be more likely to believe you if they have proof. Put together a Book of Facts. Include clippings from popular car reviews, reports from the manufacturer detailing features and benefits, and statements from previous customers detailing their satisfaction with the vehicle. When your customer sees that what you have said isn’t just your opinion, they will feel more comfortable.

Car Sales Training Tip 5: Show off Your Dealership

Customers want to know they are more than just a down payment or sale. Make them feel like a part of the family by showing them around the lot. Make introductions to the staff and workers. Customers are making a major investment so you need to show them that everyone will be more than willing to help if they need maintenance or service in the future.

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